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Key elements that make Synergies Worldwide the go to supplier.

In Synergies Worldwide, we believe that Research & Development is the foundation of any collection.


Research & Development


In Synergies Worldwide, we believe that Research & Development is the foundation of any collection. Our R&D teams in different locations source and develop the latest fabrics, finishes and washes ahead of the market. The team works closely with our extensive network of mills in order to provide customers with quality products in their desired price.


Our Technical Support Teams ensure that samples are created and developed safely according to customers’ product required specification.



“We are at the crossroads of art and technology, where possibilities are endless.
Blend that with healthy dose of creativity and passion, and you have something very innovative”

Synergies Worldwide has a team of designers that travel the world to look for inspiration and novel ideas that will breathe new designs to customer’s specification.  Our aim is to add value to our customer’s in-house design teams and enhance their product while keeping true to their brand identity. 
The strength of our Design Studio is anchored on: technical team, facilities, sourcing, and knowledge.

The goal is FOCUSED DEVELOPMENT within our customer’s target budget.




With our presence in Asia, we are able to source production effectively. We are able to manufacture small or big quantities in premium quality that best fits our customer’s price specification. We provide our customers with the most suitable factories depending on their product and order.

Production Control

With experienced and skilled on-site Quality Control teams, we are able to provide our partners with the visibility and control needed to measure the progress and quality of each order. Every detail is taken care of.


We have experienced technicians who monitor and control the quality at factories and discuss with customers the technical developments and opportunities for gaining optimal efficiency. We ensure that all necessary tests of materials are done on time with reputable test institutes or with in.


Operations Support

“Once you have experienced EXCELLENCE, you will never be content with mediocrity.” Thomas S. Monson

Operational excellence adds value and creates sustainable competitive advantage to the business.  The global nature of the textile industry requires professional operations support from finance, logistics, compliance, HR, and IT.

In Synergies Worldwide, these teams work closely with each other as well as with their counterparts to ensure that operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently across the supply chain.


Walking the Talk

Take a look through our showroom to see how we have delivered quality tangible service to our clients.

Our Clients


Aligned Business
Objectives and Practices

We consider ourselves as the extended arm, ear and eye of our customers, creating positive impacts for your world-wide supply chain.

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Synergies Worldwide Management

Guido Schlossmann
President & CEO
Khawaja Murtaza Mashooqullah
Managing Partner & CEO (Pakistan)
Habib Hirji
Managing Partner & CEO (Bangladesh)
Ramit Aggarwal
Managing Partner & CEO (India)
Adeel Rizvi
CEO (China)
Yasser Manzoor
Executive Director (Pakistan)
Atif Ahmed
Director (Bangladesh)
Sadruddin Hirji
Director (Bangladesh)

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CEO’S SPEAK: The Pros + What They Know
CEO’S SPEAK: The Pros + What They Know Synergies Worldwide President and CEO Guido Schlossmann is one of the panels for this year’s SJ Sourcing May 4, 2018 | Company News
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Core USA Inc. Opens new office in Toronto
Import and Supply Chain Management Firm enters the Canadian market Toronto, ON, December 8, 2017: Earlier this year, the American company Core USA Inc. acted December 8, 2017 | Company News
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Bangladesh Denim Expo on November
Bangladesh Denim Expo on November 8 – 9, 2016
Synergies Bangladesh is joining the Bangladesh Denim Expo on November 8 – 9, 2016 At International Convention City Bashundhara, Dhaka Bangladesh. Come and visit Booth October 3, 2016 | Company News
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As the global supply chain in garments gets more competitive, it is not only the vendors who are facing the heat. Buying agencies too are working out new strategies to service their clients and ensure that business remains with them. Synergies Sourcing Bangladesh Ltd. – the local sourcing arm of Synergies Worldwide with global headquarters in Bangkok, realizing that the country is not strong enough in product development, and which often can be a differentiator as all manufacturing bases make effort to reduce price, is now working on a full package model. “We are not just into sourcing but operate as what we call a ‘virtual’ manufacturing company. We design our own collections and sell it to our customers as if we are the manufacturers,” shares Atif Ahmed, Director of Synergies Sourcing Bangladesh Limited. The company maintains a development cell and design studio supervised by few internationally sourced expats to guide the predominantly local talents… “And it has worked out pretty well for us,” says Atif. The global supply chain managing company, which provides low-cost sourcing solutions in apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, home textiles, decorative accessories and other goods for retailers/brands in the fashion and hospitality industries, is sourcing different products from different manufacturing centers based on their core strength. In February this year Synergies Worldwide appointed former Li & Fung executive Guido Schlossmann as its new President and CEO, as founder Munir Mashooqullah of Pakistan retired after 28 years. Schlossmann takes over the reins of Synergies as the company hailed 2015 as its ‘best year’. Adding its might to the company, Bangladesh operations today account for 50 per cent of total sourcing. “The Bangladesh operation is worth around US $ 150 million; 60 per cent of business is in T-shirts, 25 per cent in denims and 15 per cent we do sweaters,” underlines Atif, adding that in denims they cater mainly to Inditex Group, Mango, French retailers, Italian retailers, Brazilian retailers, German discounters and US-based apparel importers. Though the company is working hard to increase denim sourcing from Bangladesh, of late Atif is witnessing change in the global denim landscape, fueled primarily by increasing number of players in the market, due to which there is an oversupply in the market affecting margins of manufacturers and ticket prices of retailers. This has impacted global markets, emerging trends and the overall denim business. “When the retailers are struggling to attract customers in a crowded marketplace, we too are not spared… If the front end comes in for fire, back end too has to bear the brunt. The risk increases even more when we do bigger programs and they don’t sell, this means the retailers lose confidence in our ability to provide the right product/price and the liability builds up on our shoulders to be more competitive. The impact is higher in a country like Bangladesh which has certain financial constraints and is already working on thin margins,” elucidates the Director of Bangladesh arm of Synergies worldwide. Atif shares that the global denim market is now moving towards cleaner looks in contrast to last year’s ripped, teared and rugged approach, though different markets are reacting differently to this change with one aspect remaining constant for end-users as well as the retailers worldwide, and which is ‘affordability’. “We are basically a very Europe-focused company but in the last couple of years US is increasingly becoming easier for us to penetrate as they too have started following the trends in Europe, but in cheaper raw material,” underlines Atif. He continues that by and large Europe is still seeking fashion and high quality, though Germany is an exception to this pattern. “In Germany there are different levels; some discounters offer the basic and the most fashionable in the cheapest price bracket, while there are brands who despite the hard times are very quality-conscious and don’t want to compromise on it…, they want to be in the league of their own. The European trendy look in denim is going to continue because, though there is price reduction, there is also simultaneously a marked improvement in ‘looks’ though quality-wise offerings may not always be the best,” underlines Atif, who also doesn’t foresee a major shift in manufacturing and sourcing pattern with respect to Asia, where the size of the Chinese business will remain despite its increasing wages and whatever shuffling happens will be in the basics and it will keep rotating within the region.
The changing dynamics of market, manufacturing and trends….
Director of Synergies Sourcing Bangladesh Ltd. shares his observations with context to Bangladesh and global perspective As the global supply chain in garments gets more August 19, 2016 | Company News
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Synergies Worldwide Bangladesh Gives Back

On January 27, 2018, a Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSR) was organized by Synergies Bangladesh Management & Team at Goloria, Shaturia Manikgonj, Bangladesh, through Blanket-giving.

The blankets are to give comfort & warmth to our brothers & sisters in Goloria, during the cold season.

It was a small act of kindness from Bangladesh Team but people of Goloria were grateful, their faces light up and were smiling upon receiving the gifts.

Kudos to Bangladesh Team!

At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or what you’ve accomplished..

It’s about who you’ve lifted up & what you’ve given back.

January 27, 2018 | Company News
Our CEO attends 10th Annual Global Sourcing Day 2017 in Hong Kong.

What are Todays Greatest Sourcing Challenges and How can we Address Them?

Global Sourcing Society (GSS) in collaboration with CBX Software celebrated its 10th Annual Global Sourcing Day in Hongkong on December 8, 2017. One of the discussions during the event focused on today’s greatest sourcing challenges and how to best address them. The panel discussion was led by Guido Schlossmann, Group President and CEO, Synergies Worldwide Limited; Paul Wash COO, Newtimes Group; and Paul Wright, Managing Director, Shop Direct Home Shopping.

Watch the full video to learn about the subject.

December 8, 2017 | Company News
Synergies CYCLOs Sustainable Collection

Instead of watching the waste from billions of dollars worth of ready-made garment products make its way into landfills, it is being reclaimed and turned into eco-friendly, recycled cotton yarns. Textile waste is shredded and blended with sustainable synthetic fibers to create new yarns and fabrics.

Why waste the waste when it can be REDUCED, REUSED, and RECYCLED?

CYCLO cares about what we wear. #SaveMotherEarth #PreconsumerRecycledFiber #DesignedinBangladesh #MadeinBangladesh

Certified by #GlobalRecyclingStandard (GRS) and #RecycledClaimStandards (RCS)

For more details please, get in touch with cyclo@synergiesbangladesh.com

November 19, 2017 | Company News
Celebrating our 30th Anniversary in Bangkok

A business that thrives on the intrinsic characters of the founders. That is, Synergies Worldwide.

August 22, 2017 - A diverse work group with rock solid commitment in forwarding the organizations vision, gathered together for a fun-filled, creative, and surprise-packed Annual Town Hall at Renaissance Ratchaprasong Hotel, Bangkok.

Soaring high to new heights, Synergies Town Hall became an avenue for inculcating a collective company CULTURE built on trust, excellent CUSTOMER service, optimized use of modern TECHNOLOGY, and effective & efficient VENDOR management.

A look back at Synergies Worldwide humble beginnings to 30 solid years of sustained growth solidified the team spirit. At the end of the day, everyone was wearing his CCTV badge with pride. (c)

Dont miss the highlights of 30 solid years of teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration. Cheers!

August 22, 2017 | Company News