Synergies Worldwide is a well-known, global supply chain manager cum virtual manufacturer with a razor sharp focus on product and price. We are The Authentic Low Cost Sourcing Company.

Our evolution over 28 years represents our passion for the fashion industry and in delivering true benefits for our 75+ global customers.

Mr. Munir Mashooqullah, an industry evangelist and a sought-after speaker on supply chain, is the founder and Chairman of Synergies Worldwide. In 2010, he was named one of the “Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business” by the Asian American Business Development Center. Mr. Mashooqullah is actively involved with New York City’s Asia Society as well as with charitable organizations in South Asia ranging from computer literacy to drug rehabilitation.

We provide low cost product(s) & sourcing solutions for apparel, fashion accessories, foot wear, home textile, decorative accessories and other goods for companies in the fashion and hospitality industries.

We take time out to understand the customer, its brand(s) and business objectives before offering focussed collection proposals and manufacturing facilities.

With a resolute commitment to delivering true benefits for our customers, we will continue to build our position as market leaders in low cost supply chain management.


Design l Price l Trust

We try to be ahead of our competition in product & price by a fully-fledged Design Studio and merchandisers that are highly skilled in product costing. With our collection proposals, our customers will be enabled to buy more often and quicker. Quicker lead time offers obvious additional benefits to our clients. Our customers can trust on us in everything we do!

We want to be “Your Trusted Sourcing Partner of Choice” by creating true benefits in your supply chain.

The role has changed!




[1] Highly competitive product prices and service fee’s enabling Synergies Worldwide to work with any of the world’s fashion apparel or consumer goods discounter

[2] A fashionable business model positioned to operate on short lead times, low margins and flexible volume enabling Synergies Worldwide to work with any of the world’s fashion companies

[3] Existing sourcing and production presence of Synergies Worldwide in key low cost and duty free countries


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Synergies Worldwide Corporate Office

Guido Schlossmann
President & CEO
Wantida Prachanimitchai
Wantida Prachanimitchai
Corporate Office
Kanya Changkieo
Global Sourcing Coordinator
Aimee Pantin – Baynosa
Senior Operation Manager